Woman Kisses Lion Becomes International Hit

By Mike Skogmo on February 26, 2013

imageEvery now and then, a video transcends cultural differences and becomes a hit across the entire globe. 31 year-old Juhi Agrawal is the subject of the latest such video from Jukin Media.

Pictured below, Agrawal gets close enough to these massive lions to play with, pet, and even kiss them through the wire fencing.

Dagbladet TV in Norway is the latest international publication to feature Juhi and her amazing relationship with these incredible creatures. 

The entire video can be found on Cuties N Fuzzies:

According to Juhi, the habitat is a donor-funded plot in Bloemfontein, South Africa known as Cheetah Experience that serves as home to cheetahs, lions, leopards, and other endangered species. 

Check out the Cheetah Experience website to learn more about how you can help these animals.