We’ve Paid More Than $15 Million in Royalties For Videos Like Yours

By Mike Skogmo on August 09, 2017

Jukin Media’s mission is to continually take user-generated video to new heights. One way we measure our progress is to track how much money we’re able to generate for our partners, the thousands of individuals that have entrusted Jukin to manage, promote, and monetize their videos.

Today we are pleased to announce that we’ve paid out more than $15 million in royalties to our partners. In light of this important milestone, we feel as strongly as ever that the future of storytelling is user-generated, and that UGC video clips have real value.

How we got here

In reaching this milestone, we’ve licensed user-generated video clips to countless clients in television, advertising, digital publishing, and other creative industries. We’ve helped viral video creators make appearances on TV, we’ve helped videos land on the front page of massive news websites, and we’ve even licensed video clips for use in Super Bowl commercials. Entertainment professionals throughout the world regularly visit our licensing platform to find the best UGC videos to license.

As a result of those opportunities, we’re able to make sure our partners get paid meaningfully for the amazing moments that they captured on camera.

Jukin partners enjoy their paydays

Jukin video partners around the world have found us on social media to keep us in the loop on how they’re using their royalty payments.





What’s next for Jukin and our partners

Jukin is expanding, which only means more licensing and monetization opportunities for all of the viral and user-generated videos in our library. We recently opened an office in Sydney, Australia, giving our partners a better chance of getting paid as their videos are licensed by TV shows, advertisements, and websites in Australia and New Zealand.

The company has also made news in recent months for deals that it has struck with companies like Nitro Circus and MGM Studios. As Jukin continues to push the boundaries of what UGC can be, and continues to make good on its mission to continually elevate user-generated content, partnerships such as these with key players in the entertainment industry are sure to pay off for Jukin partners. 

How do I submit a viral video?

We take video submissions 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You can submit your videos at any time by visiting our video submissions page. 

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