Two Videos, Two Million Views for JukinVideo's YouTube Channel

By Mike Skogmo on January 29, 2013

It was not long ago that if a YouTube video had more than one million views, it was a smash hit.

In 2013, however, one million views is a bit less prestigious. Because YouTubers today are much more numerous than they were in the mid- to late-2000’s, and they’re staying on YouTube for a longer period of time, videos with one million views are more common than ever.

Still, having a video with one million views is an important milestone and one that is a big step for any growing YouTube channel. So during a weekend when the channel reached more than 15,000 subscribers, Jukin Media is proud to report that a channel in its network, JukinVideoDotCom, had two videos cross the 1,000,000-view threshold. 

The two videos have slowly and steadily increased in views over time (as opposed to starting off with a bang and then fizzling out like many YouTube videos), so there’s no reason to think that these two will not find their way to two million views and beyond. 

By Mike Skogmo

VP of Communications, Jukin Media