The Ten Best Quarantine Videos of the Week | Jukin Media Top 10

By Jukin Media on April 24, 2020

Adjusting to this prophylactic life has been interesting for many, and Jukin has gotten a first hand look into the many ways the world continues to get through the pandemic. Communities continue to support each other at a distance, educate and practice self care indoors, find ways to keep busy, and manage daily duties including taking care of kids, and staying connected with love ones.



Jukin Media is adding relevant coronavirus-related videos to our library to give our clients in news and storytelling access to the content that reflects this moment in history. Visit the Jukin Media website to see all of these videos; what follows are this week's top ten quarantine videos of the week. 



10. Little Girls Jump on Inflatable Bounce House 


9. Emergency Services Applaud Healthcare Workers Battling Coronavirus at Westminster Bridge 




8. Man Pranks Coworkers with Live Virtual Background During Video Meeting 



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7.  Smart Dog Plays Game with Owner During Quarantine




6. Two Girls Sit in Hampers In Front of TC Enjoying Virtual Rollercoaster 





5. Man Pretends to do Weightlifting on His Balcony During Lockdown 





4. Little Girl Tears Up When Her Classmates Sing Birthday Song Over Video Call 





3. Man Pretends to Argue Over Parkin Spot at Empty Parking Lot



Arguing over a parking spot!

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2. Doctor Sings Opera to Relax Staff Working in Hospital 




1. Woman Makes Announcement From Home Giving Safety Measures