The Reviews Are In, These Are The Top 3 Videos of 2017!

By Jen Tarvin on December 28, 2017

The year is coming to a close and we have no complaints about 2017. This year we became partners with an additional 10,300 video creators. As a partner, we manage videos to help our creators grow their social presence, protect their videos from freebooting, and share their stories with the world. Based on how our video creators measure success, we reviewed the most outstanding videos of the year and are happy to present our top picks for 2017! 

Video Most Protected from Freebooting
Dalmatian Interrupts Yoga

Dogs make awesome workout partners! Well, maybe not. But this dalmatian helped his owner, Colleen Wilson of Los Angeles, make an awesome workout video, which is close enough as far as we’re concerned. How awesome, you ask? In total, the video generated more than 163 million views on YouTube. 

Interestingly, however, the vast majority of those video views came from stolen, freebooted copies of Ms. Wilson’s video. Copyright violators “freeboot” videos by uploading them to their own channels without permission from the original video creator. (You can learn more about freebooting here.)

By partnering with Jukin Media, video creators benefit from our highly skilled rights management team, which helps detect unauthorized usage of our partners’ video clips. In fact, a majority of negative reviews and complaints about Jukin Media aren’t from our video creators -- they are from people who get busted stealing videos our partners created. 

Jukin Media protected the video rights of this adorable duo by claiming 163 million stolen views, and ensuring that revenue from those views was returned to the video’s rightful owner. We also made a couple freebooters a little grumpy -- sorry not sorry.

Video That Led to the Highest Channel Growth
Cool Taekwondo Skills

Samuel Ericsson is a Korean born MMA fighter living in Sweden. He’s also insanely popular all over the world on our People Are Awesome channel. His video was published in August 2017 and has already been viewed one million times, as well as earned 30 thousand likes, shares and comments.

For many people, like Ericsson, growing a social following has more long term value than views or money. This is especially true for athletes who spend every waking moment training to be the best in their field, but don’t have a ton of energy leftover for marketing. With more than 80 million fans across our publishing brands, Jukin Media helps video creators like Ericsson gain more exposure and earn more followers. 

This compilation makes our videos of the year list because Ericsson’s personal channels grew by more than 4,200 followers after People Are Awesome shared his video.

The Most Licensed Video of 2017
Sea Lion Drags Girl Into Water

In May of 2017 the world collectively gasped at the sight of a sea lion pulling a little girl into the water. 

The video immediately circulated the internet as a viral sensation, creating  huge demand by media outlets. To date, the video has been licensed 96 times, and counting. This thrilling story was shared to millions on Good Morning America, Today Show, and Inside Edition, among others. And every time Jukin Media licenses the video to a TV or web outlet, the video creator gets a check.

Proving that a viral video lives in the cultural zeitgeist forever, this video might traditionally fall into the ‘news’ category, but is still being licensed at a steady rate. Here at Jukin Media, we know a good video has no expiration date, that’s why we make it easy for our content publishing partners to review our latest and greatest UGC content, and ultimately, license amazing viral videos.