Sitting Down With Jukin's Director of Sales for the West Coast: Valerie Rokhlin

By Jukin Media on September 02, 2020

Upon entering the last month of the quarter, Valerie reflects on her history leading up to Jukin Media and the performance of the company so far before and during this global pandemic.

Summarize what you do at Jukin Media, as if you were talking to a grandparent.

I am the Director of Sales for the West Coast, based out of LA. In the simplest form, I sell advertising within videos that appear on our social & OTT channels. Jukin operates several popular video brands like Fail Army, People are Awesome, and The Pet Collective that feature real moments from real people. My job is to bring advertisers into our programming. For example, a pet store or dog food brand might sponsor a Dog Days of Summer video on The Pet Collective. 

Tell me about your background and your career journey up to Jukin Media.

I’ve been doing digital media sales for 15 years. I accidentally fell into it out of college and it stuck! Moving from Atlanta to New York, I got my start as a sales assistant on the print side at Newsweek and then moved to the digital side where I learned the media planning ropes. From there, I made the jump into sales and have worked at a lot of different media companies over the years selling branded content, mobile, and video. I enjoy the publisher sell the most because there’s so much room for creativity.  We’re able to come up with awesome ideas and it's really fun seeing them executed into videos, events, or custom ad units. 

Favorite memory or moment working at Jukin?

One of the most memorable was my start at Jukin. I got hired when I was 9 months pregnant and started the Monday of Summit Week, which is when everyone from all of our offices around the world fly in for a week of learning & bonding. It was wild to meet everybody all at once and be thrown into such an intense week, but it was so beneficial and made an indelible mark on my mind about Jukin’s commitment to fostering culture. Another thing I look forward to every year is our Summer client event where we go sailing with a small group of our top partners. It’s always one of my favorites because I love being out on the water and last year we saw a ginormous pod of dolphins!  I’ll never forget it!

What's something exciting you’ve worked on recently?

At the beginning of this year, we did a really awesome campaign with Paramount to promote Sonic The Movie.  They wanted to bring Sonic into the real world and partnered with People are Awesome for a Sonic Speed edition where we inserted animations of Sonic into videos of people doing cool things in Sonic-speed. The videos were so successful and it was one of our best performing campaigns, if not the best!  We had so many engagements, fans commenting about how much they loved the integrations and how excited they were to see the movie. It will definitely go down as one of my favorite campaigns!