Get to Know Us: Nicole Honsowetz, Account Manager, LA Office

By Mike Skogmo on May 05, 2021


Meet Nicole Honzowetz, an Account Manager working as a part of our Licensing team at Jukin Media HQ. Nicole has transitioned her career from working in the beauty and lifestyle industry to digital media and video. She speaks in length about her experience at Jukin Media.

Can you Summarize what you do at Jukin?

As a licensing account manager, my responsibilities revolve around supporting our licensing salespeople and clients through comprehensive research of our LP offerings. I interpret creative briefs, analyze brand sites/channels, and look at previously executed campaigns, and show episodes to get an idea of what the client is looking for, then I compile Jukin’s library content into curated video playlists. This way our extensive library of compelling videos can be presented in a targeted, tailored way that responds to and satisfies the specific content needs of our clients. I also answer customer and client inquiries that come through our licensing platform. 


How did you end up at Jukin Media?

I studied PR and Advertising in school and always knew that I wanted a career in the media industry post-graduation. I started out in public relations at a boutique lifestyle agency in West Hollywood but was let go at the beginning of the pandemic in April 2020. I enjoyed my time working in PR, but I wasn’t convinced that it was the right fit for me long term. So, after I was let go from my agency, my job search became focused more on the advertising space. As a millennial/ Gen Z cusper (born in 96’) I am obsessed with social media content, especially in video format. This is why I was surprised I wasn’t familiar with Jukin prior to applying for the role of Account Manager. I was definitely familiar with the iconic viral videos that we represent, such as peanut butter baby, David after the dentist, and the hair burning curl wand tutorial. So when I found out that Jukin was the common thread between all of these clips and learned more about UGC licensing, I knew it would be the perfect fit-- and it is!


What is Licensing? 

Licensing as it applies to Jukin involves working with normal, everyday people that capture entertaining, compelling video content (usually right from their cell phones), and entering into revenue share agreements that allow us to represent their videos for advertising, entertainment, and editorial opportunities. Once a video is licensed for use, Jukin splits any revenue earned from that opportunity with the video owner, and the licensee receives certain indemnifications for the intended use of that clip as it pertains to our agreement terms. 


What’s the best career advice you’ve given to coworkers or other up-and-coming professionals?

I tell other up-and-coming professionals to not be afraid to ask questions, to apply for the job that you actually want and are excited about, and to strive to work for a company that you would be really proud to be a part of and tell other people about. 


 What is the licensing environment like right now, during COVID-19?

I think that UGC licensing is especially valuable during COVID because it feels like a more accurate reflection of our current realities than the polished, produced advertising content we're used to seeing. When the majority of people are spending time at home wearing sweatpants, I think it’s harder for them to identify with campaigns/brands that portray life as being shiny and perfect. Advertisers might not be as willing to spend money on campaigns as they were pre-COVID since there is still so much uncertainty about how long it will take everyone to become vaccinated, but they are having to adapt to the “new normal” and UGC is an effective tool that they are utilizing to do so.