JukinVideo Featured on Retina Burn Blog

By Mike Skogmo on March 04, 2013

Retina Burn Blog

For the past year, JukinVideo.com has been quietly establishing itself as the premier web destination for viral video licensing. Recently, the online video community has started to take notice. 

Earlier today, Retina Burn Blog, an online video marketing blog based in the UK, posted a great article about JukinVideo and its mission. 

As its tagline “The Home of Online Video Culture” denotes, the blog is a resource for everything related to digital video. 

The blog’s article on JukinVideo eloquently states that “JukinVideo represents the world of the organic viral video” and explains how the platform streamlines and simplifies what used to be a very long, labor-intensive process - the process of consummating a licensing deal.

As the article states, the process once included tracking down an online video owner, exchanging paperwork, conferring payment, and continuing a correspondence in order to complete a simple licensing deal. Thanks to JukinVideo, that process can be completed with just a few clicks.

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