Jukin Media offices are ready for post-COVID19, deploying Openpath for mobile enabled building access

By Jukin Media on April 17, 2020

Jukin Media headquarters in Los Angeles recently got an important upgrade. When the quarantine lifts and the company’s 100+ LA employees return to work at Jukin’s Culver City-adjacent headquarters, they’ll return to a revamped building security system that was installed just before the company shifted to remote-only operations. 

With more than 30,000 square feet of office space that includes two filming studios, two kitchens, a dozen edit bays, six full-sized conference rooms, and a dozen private offices, Jukin Media has a lot of employees that need access to its various facilities. Its very important that there are as few requirements as possible for employees to have to touch common surfaces or hand things back and forth to one another. Leveraging the mobile phone as a method for accessing and unlocking doors for employees and visitors alike seems like the perfect solution.

That’s why Jukin has partnered with Openpath, a leader in tech-enabled building security solutions, for a new system that will allow employees to access the building using just their mobile phone. No more handing out keycards or touching keypads to enter a code.

“One of the great features is the user interface. It’s super easy to navigate, even if it’s your first time using Openpath. It also has advanced features that our previous system didn’t allow for,” said Jukin Media IT Director Manny Contreras “For example, with Openpath we now have access to prearrange remote office entry via employee mobile phones; previously we had to use keycards, which can pose a risk for lost or stolen cards. Finally, it can integrate with G-Suite so that it is always up to date with our employee directory and Envoy visitor management system for integrated visitor  sign-in to our facility.”

For Jukin, which has guests, contractors, vendors, full-time employees, and more coming and going, a streamlined security system that can give different people custom access to only the parts of the building that each person needs is a major value add. Furthermore, it’s easy for Manny to administer the system from anywhere, since its cloud based and he can access it from any computer or phone wherever he is. Some additional features of Openpath include: real-time reporting to monitor access events as they happen, zone sharing with our landlord, scheduled locking, and instant-lock down.

Openpath is an access control system that can easily be integrated into any existing security system. With Openpath software, it’s simple to assign tailored access to every employee. The app uses bluetooth functionality that minimizes interactions with keypads and lets us be completely hands free (more important than ever in this post-Covid19 germ-aware world). All credentials can also be customized so that employees get access to the rooms they need, for however long they need it. One-time guest passes can also be sent via text, allowing visitors access to the spaces they need for the duration of their stay. 

“We’re thrilled to now count Jukin Media as one of our valued clients,” said James Segil, President of Openpath. “At Openpath we’re committed to providing excellent security solutions for exciting, energetic, and fast-paced companies, and Jukin Media certainly fits that mold. We are proud to partner with companies like Jukin who put the safety and health of their employees and visitors as their highest priority”