Jukin Media Announces 2020 Creator Awards Winners with Thousand Dollar Prize Payments

By Jukin Staff on December 30, 2020

The year 2020 will go down as one of the most difficult and unique years in recent memory. Despite the heartbreak, there were still amazing moments that inspired us, gave us hope, and offered a respite from the sometimes overwhelming news of the day. 


For those reasons, in this incredibly tough year, we at Jukin Media wanted to give special recognition to the moments that moved us, and reward the creators of those moments with a special year-end gift. 

Enter the 2020 Creator Awards 

Jukin’s remarkable community of video partners -- those that have contributed their content to Jukin’s library over the years -- submitted more than 5,000 video clips for consideration in this year alone. 

We launched the 2020 Creator Awards to recognize and reward the creators of the most outstanding video content submitted to Jukin in four distinct categories: Cutest Family Moment, Most Amazing Talent, Favorite Pet Memory, and Video of the Year.

Sifting through thousands of submissions, contest organizers gathered 5 finalists in each category, then the entire global Jukin staff voted on which videos should be awarded and given the $1,000 prize for each category. 

The Winners


2020 has been a challenging year and the scarcity of many important household items during lockdown didn't help. Watch as this good samaritan provides some much needed items for an essential worker who comes by his house.

Submitted by: Evan Era


This heartwarming moment of a special needs teen visiting his late mother on his graduation day is sure to put a smile on your face.

Submitted by: Lamico M. & Paul M.


Prepare to be wowed as you watch this man complete a 360 spin flip while slacklining.

Submitted by: Justin W.


It takes two to tango, and this little girl just might have the cutest dance partner ever.

Submitted by: Carrie L.




While the four winners were incredible and absolutely deserving, we couldn’t help feel like something was missing from this year’s honorees. In June 2020, a Jukin video partner was stunned to find out that his video was used without permission by an internet user, who was then amplified by US President Donald Trump. It's not often that an innocent viral video becomes the center of attention for the political news media, and a creator finds him or herself having to defend its merits. In an unprecedented turn of events Jukin Media made a coyright claim against a post by a sitting US president to have this video taken down on behalf of the video's creator. It's for those reasons that we wanted to recognize this particular video; consequently, we created an honorary fifth category: Most Impactful. 

Awarded to: Michael C.

We are incredibly thankful to all our partners who have submitted and shared their content with Jukin Media this year and who continue to be an active part of our creator community. For more information you can check out the contest page for a full list of all the winners and finalists.