The World's Most Talented Chicken

By Gillian Newman on April 13, 2021

The World's Most Talented Chicken

Jokgu the Chicken -- a Buff Brahma Bantam chicken from Germantown, Maryland --  has made quite a splash in popular culture. With his gorgeous rendition of America The Beautiful, Jokgu has found viral success with millions of views online, and he has played his songs for millions around the world. Yes, you read that right-- Jokgu  the chicken plays piano. 

With a patient and loving pair of women to take care of him, Jokgu wasn’t necessarily groomed for his role as master pianist. Instead, Jokgu’s rare talent was born out of sheer boredom. “Chickens get bored!” Shannon Meyers, Jokgu’s owner said. “We just wanted to give them something to do.” Well, that something turned out to be everything. Shannon Meyers, the woman behind the camera, has made more than $40,000 from licensing her video with Jukin Media. 

This breed of chicken is beautiful and rare with its black detailing and white lacing on its feathers. Meyers got lucky in finding this particular chicken whose talent is unmatched among chickens, and even the broader animal kingdom.  From the phone screen, where Jokgu racked up millions of views, to the big screen, where  he starred as a performer on America’s Got Talent, Jokgu was a real money maker. Beyond America’s Got Talent, Jokgu was also featured in a Google Chromebook commercial, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and was licensed for use on more than 60 other shows, websites, and social media pages 


You’ve probably seen this viral sensation, the video that first launched Jokgu’s musical career:



Impressive right?

Although that video first found success a few years ago, the news media is still interested in his story, as Meyers was recently featured on Fox news in Washington, DC to talk about Jokgu and his continuing popularity. In that interview, Meyers offered some advice for pet owners, explaining that the best thing you can do when training a pet is to know your pet, offer positive reinforcement, and let them take the lead. That’s what brings them joy and what will ultimately bring you joy. 

Jokgu’s legacy continues on, despite his passing of natural causes last year, as he continues to win the hearts of Americans with each new view of his original viral YouTube video.