How Jukin Media Sells Viral Videos to TV

By Nikki Efstathiou on July 06, 2017

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One of the major perks of working with a company that sells viral videos is the potential for your clip to be on television, whether it is a show, or even a larger scale ad campaign for a major advertiser. If you are new to the user-generated video licensing world, you may be wondering how people have managed to get their videos featured on various television shows or commercials. Here at Jukin Media, our licensing team has the required tools and connections to get your videos on TV.

The advantage to partnering with Jukin Media is our own ‘in house‘ licensing team, meaning we don’t have to use any 3rd party licensing teams to help us sell your viral videos. This allows us to pay you exactly what you are owed for a licensing deal by cutting out any potential middlemen. Our licensing team works hard to pitch and sell your video whilst negotiating the best possible price for you.

Here are 3 ways the Jukin Media team licenses user-generated videos to TV:

  1. Our highly trained and specialized licensing team will be constantly pitching your clips out to create potential licensing deals for you. We’re always on the look out for the best fit for your clip and will be sure to reach out on anything we believe your clip could be a good candidate for.
  2. We have forged solid working relationships with many TV companies and agencies, keeping consistent licensing deals with many different outlets.  In fact, the relationships we have built are so solid, there are companies that trust the quality of our partnered content so much, they will sift through our user-generated videos consistently to pick and choose what they need. This is especially helpful if it is the type of show that needs fresh content on the spot. After they use the clips, they will send us their lists and invoices will be gathered accordingly. Check out our real time source for the world’s best user-generated videos.
  3. The longer your clip is in our library, the more familiar we will be getting with it over time. Often times, TV shows or ad agencies may be looking for user-generated videos of a certain type of theme or subject matter. They may reach out to us, knowing we sell viral videos, and let us know the type of content they need. Once we have this information, we will compile a list that will include your video if it matches the client’s criteria. 


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Here are a few things we’ll need from our partners:

“Original” Footage

Before you submit any of your videos you want to see on TV, it is important to make sure you own the content you are submitting first. YouTube copyright law states the person who is physically holding the camera and filming the footage is the legal owner - even if it is on someone else’s device. So before you submit a video, please be sure you are the legal owner so we are able to partner with you and sell your viral video.

“Clean” Content

If your video is family friendly, it will also be TV friendly, allowing your clip to be pitched to a wider variety of media contacts, which increases your chances of being featured on television.

Having clean content also encompasses the overall quality of the video. Footage with text or watermarks will most likely not be able to be featured on TV. If your footage is filmed vertically, this can also sometimes be an obstacle for our licensing team.


The last and arguably most important thing we need from our partners is some teamwork. If you are reached out to for the use of your clip, the best thing you can do is direct them to the Jukin Media licensing team at [email protected] There are companies that may tell you they are not able to pay for usage, or ask for permission to share your clip in exchange for credit instead of payment. Our licensing team is trained to know which places have a budget and can make sure your clip is not devalued along the way!