Hit Viral Video Creators Have Blogs to Thank

By Mike Skogmo on March 11, 2013

How is that YouTube videos get so many millions of views in just a matter of days? It’s hard to imagine that so many people get on to YouTube and find any one particular video in such a short amount of time. How is this possible?

In fact, many YouTube “views” don’t happen on YouTube at all. The answer? Blogs.

Say Omg.com Viral Videos

YouTube has made it so that it’s video player can be posted on any other website or blog, and all of the views that a video gets on those other websites are still counted in the YouTube view count.

One such blog that leads the way in finding the best content from YouTube and putting it in one easy-to-access place is Say OMG.

Say OMG specializes in finding and posting funny videos that are largely undiscovered. Then as a result of being posted, those videos reach a wider audience and many go on to get hundreds of thousands and even millions of views.

Blogs like Say OMG are an invaluable part of the online video community; most of them are run by dedicated webmasters who have other day-jobs, but curate their sites on their own time out of love for online video and the hope that the blogs can generate enough revenue to become a full-time job. SayOMG’s co-founder, Lysander (from Greece) had this to say about his blog and his partner Greg:

SayOMG started as a funny, spare time activity. We were simply uploading videos that we considered to be entertaining. The mastermind behind SayOMG was Greg, who had an experience working with blogs. I, personally, consider him as a blogging guru.Greg talked me into participating into this “blog with funny videos”, in my spare time (I am currently working as an instrumentation engineer). So we started with Greg oriented into cute/animal videos, while I was more concentrated into fails/pranks. Week after week we managed to evolve into a blog with potential viral videos. This turned out to be our philosophy, find videos with few views that could go viral.

JukinVideo has seen first-hand the direct benefit for video creators that video blogs provide, and more original content creators should keep these blogs in mind and find ways to work with them.

After all, if not for these blogs that make it so easy to find the best content, we would all be stuck drudging through the 103,000+ hours of video footage that are uploaded to YouTube every day in order to find the best content.