Hero Cat Wins Over the Whole Internet

By Mike Skogmo on May 16, 2014

imageIt’s no secret that the Internet loves cats. They’re generally the subject of loads of attention and adoration for doing things as mundane as chasing around laser pointers. In the case of this newest viral video, however, the cat in question deserves every bit of unbridled praise that’s been bestowed upon it.

And there’s been a lot of praise: it’s been called ‘Hero Cat’ by Today, TMZ, Huffington Post, NPR and others, and CNN even called it ‘badass.’

The video, which already has 8.2 million views in less than two days, captures a young boy in his driveway getting attacked and bitten by a neighbor’s dog. After just a moment, the boy’s cat comes to the rescue by pouncing on the dog and scaring it away.

The truly remarkable footage has already been featured by the largest media outlets in the US, and has sparked an outpouring of admiration from millions of viewers.

Share this video with the cat lover in your life, and give them something (completely justifiable) to gush about.

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