Frozen Fish Brothers Explain the Science Behind Their Viral Video

By Danielle Erves on May 09, 2017


Brothers Anton and Alex Babich are two of the internet’s newest viral video creators. Their video, which depicts one fish eating another frozen in the ice, was purely accidental. The two brothers are originally from the USSR, and beyond their shared love of fishing, they couldn’t be more different.

"Essentially, we don't have a lot in common except the outdoors. We’re very two different brothers." - Anton

Anton, or the trendy outdoorsman as he calls himself, is a couture custom dress shirt maker and has clients in over 31 countries. Alex, the Mad Russian, is an award-winning mushroom hunter and is famous in the mushroom hunting community.

The two were ice fishing and knew they had to capture the moment. After the initial sighting, they went home and didn’t think twice about it. They uploaded the pictures they took to Facebook and were faced with an unexpected backlash from naysayers and nonbelievers claiming that the video was a fake; so the two went back and decided to cut the fish out of the ice as proof -- only this time, they filmed it. 

“I fired up my chainsaw and started cutting. My brother filmed the whole thing and the funny thing is we took a couple of pictures at the very end and I even put the fish right back in the hole so no one would step on it. - Alex


“I remember when we hit 1 million views, it was like whoo hoo! Before we knew it, it was five million and 20 million and it kept going and going.” - Alex

Anton uploaded the video to their Trendy Outdoorsman YouTube channel and to Alex’s Facebook page and were contacted by Jukin. The two had never heard of a viral video licensing company, but decided to take a chance. The next thing the brothers knew, the video was everywhere. Alex was extremely proud to be featured on National Geographic

I’ve done some videos on mushroom hunting but I don’t have much of a channel yet. Just through Jukin, we’ve got so many views and they’ve licensed it out so who knows how many we have worldwide. - Alex

JukinVideo, a Jukin Media brand, posted the video of the brothers and the video's view count is currently at 65 million views. The Babich brothers are now local celebrities in Fort Wayne, Indiana, people recognize them as “the fish guys.” Alex’s wife even laughed about their viral video saying, “After all your success in the mushroom world, you got famous from a bunch of frozen fish sticks.“

The two say they know there is no formula to having a viral video, but they plan to do more videos and plan to sell these viral videos as well. They are very interested in the licensing process and would love to sell viral videos as often as they can. The two have already uploaded a follow up video on their YouTube Channel, The Trendy Outdoorsman. They hope to make videos blending nature and technology, showing how to have fun in nature using technology. They hope to make another viral video that can be licensed.