FLY GUYS: Jukin Media Video Partners Reach New Heights in Original Stunt Series

By Jen Tarvin on March 19, 2018

“Fly Guys” on Facebook Watch is a high flying stunt show that delivers some serious thrills. It’s also the most recent original series to be published by Jukin Media. The series follows a group of stunt-performing acrobats who travel Eastern Europe in search of adventures, beginning in their home country of Slovenia. Each episode explores the complicated and high-stakes development process of creating their original feats. Every detail is chronicled in their attempts to safely and successfully pull off world-class stunts-- from innovative design concepts, seemingly insurmountable logistical challenges, rigorous testing, and, ultimately, the flawless execution of daring, never-before-attempted stunts on a massive scale.


But how did we find these Slovenian stuntmen? They were our video partners, of course!


Here at Jukin Media, we love shining a light on talented video creators -- in this instance the Fly Guys were formerly featured on People Are Awesome as the Dunking Devils. Their seriously unbelievable acrobatics and physical performances delighted our audiences and inspired our development team. We collaborated with the Dunking Devils to create People Are Awesome branded content for the NFL for the promotion of the 2017 London game. After that we couldn’t help but wonder -- what else could they pull off if given the resources?


Previous to Fly Guys, the Dunking Devils had 56 videos published and promoted on People Are Awesome. While these videos almost made their tricks look easy, the new show gives audiences a behind the scenes look. From concept to courageous completion, Fly Guys is a show about the brains behind the brawn



We interviewed our Director of Development, Lauren Bernd, to get the details on how all of the moving pieces to create the show came together!

Q: What was it like coordinating a project from across the world in a country you’ve never been to before?

A: We had an amazing producing team who were great about keeping in touch. It’s definitely difficult to plan something so far away, but the team was incredibly professional.


Q: How long did you have to produce it?

A: We had about two weeks of pre-production which is kind of insane! Typically you have about 6 weeks for a show of this nature, but we had to start shooting before the weather changed in Slovenia.


Q: What was it like in Slovenia?

A: Slovenia is beautiful! It is definitely Europe’s best kept secret. There are lots of beautiful lakes, truffle pastas and gorgeous people everywhere. It’s also about an hour in any direction to a different country. In terms of LA commuting traffic, I could be to Italy in the time it takes me to get home :)


Q: What other obstacles were faced when filming?

A: The biggest obstacles were the language barrier and the safety requirements. There were always a ton of medics on set, which was great in terms of keeping the Fly Guys safe, but I think it also made them get in their heads a bit about the stunts they were doing.


Q: What was your favorite moment of filming? Why?

A: My favorite moment of filming was during the first episode. We were all kind of waiting for something awesome to happen and one of the Fly Guys, Tomaz, told the car operator to hit second gear so he would fly super fast down the trench and off the ramp. He went so far and high that he flew out of the shot on all of our cameras!


Q: Were there any scary moments given the tricks they perform?

A: I wasn’t necessarily scared during the any of the moments I witnessed while in Slovenia, but there are a few episodes in post that have been freaking me out! Check out episode 6. The guys jump off a gondola-- that gave me the chills!


Q: One of the episodes features someone flying over a moving train! Is it real?

A: The Fly Guys came up with the idea! It’s 100% real. Gap, the flyer, flew over about 3 times before we thought he had landed the shot!



If you’ve ever wanted to jump off buildings, catapult into the air off a castle, jump over a moving train, or just watch some skilled people do it from the comfort of your own home-- tune in to Fly Guys on Facebook watch every Friday for brand new action packed episodes! We’re always on the lookout for more partners to spotlight -- who knows, you could be the star of next video series we create, so keep submitting videos!