Five Years In: Jukin's SVP of Content Acquisitions Christina Smith Reflects on Half a Decade with Jukin

By David Getz on March 29, 2019


After five and half years at Jukin Media, Christina Smith, Senior Vice President of Content Acquisitions, reflects on her role, her growth, and what she’s learned as Jukin’s Content Acquisitions lead and a valued member of the leadership team.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

JM: What was your first position with Jukin?

CS: My first position at Jukin was as the Manager of the Content Operations Department. My job was to oversee how we as a company would acquire videos and how we would process them.


JM: That sounds a bit different from what you're doing now. Can you summarize your responsibilities at Jukin today?


CS: Today, I work with Jukin's team of seasoned creative research and clearance experts to monitor the internet 24/7, as the SVP of Content Acquisitions. We are responsible for identifying and acquiring the world's most compelling user-generated content for our brands and partners efficiently and with urgency.


JM: What's one important lesson you've learned during your time at Jukin?

CS: Success requires execution and innovation. Ensuring the trains are running as expected, aka "execution", is only part of the job. You also need to dedicate time to testing new ways of doing what you already do and time to testing completely new things. I call this area innovation. Succeeding in innovation requires you to welcome failure. If you are afraid to fail, it could slow down forward progress. So, don't be afraid to fail. Test, analyze, then decide to iterate or implement quickly... then move on to the next idea.

JM: What's one misconception people in the industry have about content acquisitions?

CS: That we are just watching YouTube videos all day. While watching video content is a very important part of the job, we have developed a rather sophisticated engine that leverages methodology and proprietary technology to finely hone our expertise in the curation, verification, and acquisition of the best UGC videos. The team is empowered and informed to make educated decisions using Jukin's 10 years of historical data around video and monetization intelligence.

JM: What do you enjoy most about coming to work every day?

CS: Working with my team. I work with an impressive group of smart, driven, and kind Jukiners.

JM: What advice do you have for young people entering the workforce?

CS: Do your job well, but efficiently. Being more efficient than others creates the opportunity for you to volunteer to take on new tasks. Taking on new tasks allows you to show other sides of your skillset and/or allows you to work with people/teams you may not have otherwise. This can open doors for you.


JM: How do you feel content acquisitions (and/or Jukin as a whole) has evolved since you first started?


CS: It was a three-man team. We covered 9 hours a day, M-F all working out of Los Angeles. Today, we are a global operation. With more than half our team based internationally, we are up and running 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.