Brett Cabrera, Senior Manager of Brand and Agency Licensing, Celebrates His First Anniversary With Jukin Media by Sharing His Journey With the East Coast Team

By Jukin Media on October 23, 2020

After a year with the team, Brett reflects on his time and experience with Jukin Media and the unique position he’s been put into, having joined a few months before transitioning into a world of remote work.


Can you tell us a little bit about how your journey with Jukin has been and how you ended up here?


I’ve been in the digital media and content space for pretty much my entire career. Right before Jukin, I was in a brand partnerships role working with media agencies to help create influencer marketing and branded content programs. Working with content creators led me to become aware of Jukin Media, and I was always very impressed with the different ways the company was packaging and reproducing user-generated content and building a successful business around that. Since starting here, I’ve been learning so much. I’m fortunate to have joined such a knowledgeable and supportive team, and I’ve gotten the opportunity to work on some very cool projects along the way.


If your grandparents asked you what you do for work at Jukin Media, what would you tell them? (Please, spare no details)


The blank stares never get old. But, in this instance, it’s always easiest to just show a commercial/project that I worked on and try to explain from there. In a nutshell, my team at Jukin (Brand Licensing) acquires the rights to all the best videos that everyday people like you and me capture on our smartphones and personal cameras. This can be a video of your kids, your pets, or maybe even someone jamming out to Fleetwood Mac while downing a tasty cranberry beverage on his skateboard. We have a substantial library filled with these types of clips, that anyone can access and see for themselves on our website. 


Once we have an agreement in place with these video owners, we make sure the clips are commercial ready (obtaining any necessary releases) and then license that footage to brands and their agencies who want to use this content in their advertisements. We then pay those video owners a fee each time we license their video for a different ad campaign. 


Beyond user-generated content, we also work with many of our advertising partners as a more comprehensive research & clearance house...helping to discover, curate, clear, and license any type of footage that is needed for their commercial productions - whether it’s professionally shot video and photography, stock, sports footage and more.


Could you share something you’ve learned about yourself during your time as a part of the company?


Since starting here, I’ve learned that I’m really interested in the legal side of our business. It’s led me to start taking some online courses on intellectual property and copyright law.


Jukin is a fun place to work, what are some of your favorite memories?


Well not long after I started at Jukin a global pandemic happened, which of course has limited the fun to be had. But, around the holidays last year, our NY team knew how to throw a good party...with an emphasis on the food, which is all I ever really need.


What are some of the common situations or misconceptions you deal with on a day to day basis?


Given everything that’s been going on this year, our brand partners have come to us a lot to help find a solution to some common challenges they’ve been facing lately...whether it’s due to limitations on production shoots, or slashed marketing/creative budgets. Beyond just these factors though, there’s been a clear need now more than ever for brands to build more relatable and authentic creative that will help to strengthen their connections with consumers. 


Brands and agencies have had to be innovative in the way they reach consumers this year. What is a new trend in media and advertising that you're excited about?


There’s a great article that Gary Vee wrote in response to “Doggface208’s” TikTok video, saying it’s the single greatest commercial in Ocean Spray’s history. I’m excited and optimistic that more brands will really start to embrace internet culture and actually listen to their communities more to help inform marketing strategies...while placing a greater emphasis on ad effectiveness.


What’s the best career advice you’ve given to coworkers or other up-and-coming professionals?


Learn as much as you can from your peers and more experienced co-workers, bring a good attitude and don’t be afraid to share your perspective.