As her 6th Year Anniversary with Jukin Approaches, We Met Up with Ana Mendez, Sr. Director of Rights Management to Take a Look Back at All Her Success

By Jukin Media on September 24, 2020

Coming up on her 6th anniversary with Jukin Media our Senior Director of Rights Management, Ana Mendez, commemorates her achievements with a quick personal interview. 

You’ve been at Jukin for almost 6 years! Can you tell us a little bit about how this journey has been and how you ended up here?

My background is in licensing and rights clearances. I was working at a paparazzi photo agency and my former boss knew I was looking to make a switch and she actually sent me the job listing. It has been challenging and amazing all at once. When I started, there were only about 30 employees, so being part of Jukin as it has grown into a leader in the industry has been incredible. I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to grow with it along the way.


If your grandma asked you what your job was at Jukin, what would you tell her? (Please, spare no details).

I have to do this all the time! What I tell them is, you know all those funny videos you like? Jukin acquires those rights. My job is to make sure we have the rights we say we do and make sure that people that use the videos have the rights to use those videos. I’m usually met with surprise when they learn that Jukin finds the owners of the videos, partners with them, and then pays them out!


A lot can happen in 6 years. Can you share something you’ve learned about yourself during this time?

I learned how much I enjoy what I do here because those 6 years went by super quick! Joking aside, I learned that I really love mentoring and helping people grow their skills. Over the years, I have been lucky to work with an amazing team. Some of them had little experience in rights management when they started and are now pros at this. I like to think I helped a little bit along their journey.


Jukin is a fun place to work, what are some of your favorite memories?

Wow, that’s a tough one. There are so many fun moments over the past years. If I had to choose, it would definitely be the Jukin Summits. You just learn so much more about all the people in other departments and remote offices that you would normally not have a chance to interact within your normal day-to-day. You really get to experience what makes Jukin so special, which is all the people.


What are some of the common situations you deal with on a day to day basis?

The most common issue is a lack of knowledge around content rights. So many people don’t understand how rights work and as UGC keeps gaining in popularity, we see content being used more often. Unfortunately, many users of this content don’t realize that you can’t just use it without permission. So an integral part of what we do is not to just protect the rights to the content, but also educate users and, in some cases, we turn them into clients.


What advice would you give to the video influencers and meme lords of the world?

Just because you found it online doesn’t mean no one owns it - get a license!