5 Big Possible Scenarios for YouTube's Future

By Mike Skogmo on March 07, 2013

From New Media Rockstars:

Google bought YouTube, and since Google is a smart company, that effectively makes YouTube a smart company. And smart companies do things to make money. So while you’re sitting at home figuring out how to make a bong out of your microwave, YouTube is busy recruiting innovators to make the company into a global powerhouse.

And while we can’t necessarily crack into their minds to determine where the video-hosting site is heading, we can certainly analyze their past steps to determine what they likely will see as their most viable strengths for the near future.

Check out this list of 5 possible scenarios for the future of YouTube and see if they don’t all make sense.


YouTube has television beat by a mile. All of its content is user-created, essentially free and delivers more specific analytics to potential advertisers than TV’s wildest wet dream. But to effectively dominate the big boys, YouTube has to deliver more consistent quality content. And the most cost-effective way to do that is to control the format, i.e. teach motivated YouTubers how to make “quality content.” They do this by setting up their YouTube universities. Like a postgraduate program for YouTubers who show promise, the company has built facilities to hone YouTube creator skills — as well as providing them with superior filming, staging and editing equipment. First set up in Los Angeles and London within the last year, YouTube is now already building a hub in Tokyo.

Soon they will likely have a relatively-cheap-to-maintain “creator space” in every major city in every established country. It will be an army of trained “free labor” churning out sweet money-making content. Kathy Lee Gifford would be proud.

And for everyone who doesn’t live near a Creator Space yet, YouTube has you covered there as well.

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